Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World Cup Qualifers / Ireland.

In October 2008 I was contracted to travel with The Republic of Ireland Squad to film behind the scenes footage of the qualifing campaign. This was to be FTP or sent via internet directly onto Eircom's Soccer Republic Website. This was a fast and furious job, sometimes sending up up ten pieces in a day. Good from the point of view that the best way of coming to terms with this new system of sending pictures via the net is to send loads! I quickly learned how to assess the speed of the connection and ajust settings accordingly. It is apparent that material has now to get to its destination more quickly and cost effectivly. FTP is a great system for this. No wasting time trying to find the feed point. There can be difficulties, particulary with the internet connection and sending large files which can be firewalled along the route. There are always ways around such difficulties. Wish we could say the same about Henry's handball which ended the campaign.